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Using a lumbar cushion on an inversion table

Using a Lumbar Support Cushion on an Inversion Table

Ironman Fitness Gravity 4000 Inversion TableUsing a lumbar support pillow on your inversion table is increasingly becoming more popular with many inversion table brands adding this option. As you can see on the Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table (pictured right).

On Teeter inversion tables you have the lumbar bridge and on certain Exerpeutic inversion tables you have a lumbar support pillow included. You will also notice that some inversion tables come with heat and massage pads which have a lumbar support feature.

Adding a lumbar support pillow to your inversion table bed rest is great way to add deeper decompression to the lower back while you invert. It also provides the lower back with more support while inverting.

But what if you already own an inversion table that didn’t come with a lumbar support pillow?

Luckily there are a few options you could consider rather than purchasing a new inversion table with lumbar support.

The least hassle option would be to simply buy a lumbar support pillow that features straps like this lumbar roll (pictured).

A lumbar support pillow like this can easily be attached to the backrest of most inversion tables thanks to the clip on straps. You can then position it wherever you wish on the backrest and even use it on other furniture such as office chairs.

You can find out more about this lumbar support pillow here and view similar lumbar cushions that may be suitable.

You may even already have a lumbar support cushion in your home that is suitable. One example would be on an outdoor zero gravity chair.

I tested taking the lumbar support/headrest off my zero gravity chair and adding it to my inversion table and it was an adequate solution. Although it was a little soft and not especially padded. Depending on how good quality your zero gravity chair is, some zero gravity chair lumbar cushions may be a better, firmer option.

However, buying a lumbar support cushion separately is probably a better option overall, as you are likely to find a much firmer cushion that is more adjustable and beneficial for use on an inversion table. Also considering most lumbar support cushions cost around $20 – $30, it is a fairly inexpensive option.

When choosing a lumbar support to use on your inversion table, make sure you pick one with straps so you can attach it to the inversion table backrest. The adjustable strap on the cushion pictured above makes it a perfect option that should fit most inversion table beds easily. A lumbar cushion without straps is going to be fairly useless if it moves around as you invert.

The lumbar support cushion featured above is also made of high density memory foam which is designed to hold its shape over time. Pillows made of soft foam will hold their shape for a while but high density foam cushions are a much better option for firmness and longevity.

Using a lumbar support pillow in general life is very rewarding for many and many inversion table users also speak highly of using a lumbar cushion while they invert for better spinal decompression.

Also if you do happen to own a Teeter Ep-560 or 960 but did not get the LTD package with the lumbar bridge included, you can purchase it separately here. You may also wish to check out more accessories that have been designed for use with Teeter inversion tables here.



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